The Boys Club

         For myself, like many, music has always been a safe place to turn to when everything begins to overtake me. Raised on Rock n’ Roll and being chased around the house by my mother’s Pentax K100, becoming a music photographer may seem like a natural path for me from the outside, but getting to this point was unorthodox. Passion for music led me to first try my hand at being on the stage and for years all I did was perform, and taking pictures of the rest of the show was just a hobby. But I found my rhythm not on the stage in front of the crowd, but behind the lens capturing the important moments for my friends. It felt powerful to create, record and capture such an intimate experience as a live show, so I never stopped. Now, I shoot for various online and print publications, create promotional work for bands and artists, and have tried my hand at tour managing. In doing so I’ve come across the harsh realities of what it is like to be a woman working in this Industry. The Alternative Rock scene is still dominated by men,and I want that to change. “The Boys Club: Feminism & Sexism in the Music Industry”is a documentary film aiming to make a difference in the state of our scene. In telling the stories of the women working in the industry and overcoming the adversity they face,“The Boys Club” aims to empower women and educate the men who try to hold us back.I hope this film will open the eyes of those who still believe that women are incapable of holding their own and having a place in the industry. “The Boys Club” is a labor of love from an all female team of industry professionals, putting their heads and hearts together to make a change. 

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